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Installing an X3IR: Installing an X3IR:

You will need:
  • Soldering Iron

The X3IR allows you to turn the xbox on and off using the Microsoft dvd remote, or compatible RCA dvd remote. You can install this with or without a modchip, as it works directly with the hardware.

Mount the IR Receiver. This is the tiny board with the black led on it. It comes with double-sided sticky pad, so you can stick it wherever you want. There is a spot in an X3 Control Panel and the X3 ProSwitch to put it, or you can run it out under a controller port and stick it under the front panel where it will be able to receive a signal.

Mount the Programmer Port. This is optional. Only install this ugly attachment if you need to program the x3ir to work with another remote. Even if you do, I would leave it hanging with the lid off the xbox while you reprogram, then take it off. Keep it if you want, but I just thought it was an eyesore.

Ok, we made it past the obvious, let's hook up the wires. It has 3 loose wires (Red1, White, Black) and 2 short red wires with a plug (Red2, Red3). Here is the wire harness:

If you have an X3 modchip, then the plug needs to be hooked up to this part that came with the X3 package.

If you do NOT have an X3 modchip, then cut off the plug and strip the ends of the wires. The 3 or 5 loose wires need to be soldered to the bottom of the motherboard, underneath the powersupply plug. Use the diagrams below to figure out where the wires need to go. Remember Red2 and Red3 only need to be soldered if you don't have an X3 chip, and make sure you use the diagram for your version xbox.

Once you have the wires soldered, put your motherboard back in, plug in the harness, and find a spot to stick the x3ir board. It has a blue led on the board, which will stay lit anytime the xbox is plugged in. Keep that in mind, you might want to put it somewhere it will (or won't) show. Put the rest of your parts together, and plug in your xbox.

Using the X3IR: By default, the X3IR will turn on the xbox when you push the SELECT button on the Microsoft remote. If you have an X3 chip, the DISPLAY button will boot with the chip disabled. Turn off the xbox with the 0 button (number ZERO). Xecuter claims you need to push the 0 three times, but it works first try for me.

I found some instructions for programming the X3IR, I think this document came from Xecuter but I'm not positive. Anyway, read this PDF file for programming instructions.

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